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Fred frequently provides commentary and insight for international news organizations. 

representative sample noted below for added reference.


On Leadership, Corporate Secretary - October 20, 2011

Canadian GC Roundtable

LGBT Bar Association - August 5, 2011

Allies for Justice Awards 2011 Recipients: Frederick Krebs and Robert Grey
 (Feature, F. Krebs)Canadian Lawyer InHouse - July 28, 2011

ACC Joins Canadian In-house for GC Roundtable (Feature, F. Krebs)

Canadian Lawyer InHouse - July 28, 2011
As Krebs retires, Canadian in-house lawyers honour legacy  (Feature, F. Krebs)

Corporate Secretary - April 6, 2011
Corporate Governance and In-house Counsel (Quote, F. Krebs)

Global and Mail - March 21,2011
Why You Should Consider 'No-email Fridays' (Quote, F. Krebs)

Financial Post - February, 2011
Turf War: ACC vs. CCCA (Feature; Quotes, David Allgood and F. Krebs)
Also repurposed in National Post



Metropolitan Corporate Counsel - December 7, 2010

In-house Counsel Expands To Argentina (Feature; Quotes, Esteban Mazzucco and F. Krebs)

National Post - November 2010

Bringing Legal Costs Down (Feature; Quotes, David Allgood and F. Krebs; Mention, ACC Value Index)

Lawyers Weekly – October 1, 2010

Rating Law Firms (Cover story; Quotes, Anne Fitzgerald, Mark Krajicek, Carla Swansburg and F. Krebs)

Washington Business Journal – June 29, 2010

Krebs To Step Down as Association of Corporate Counsel Chief (Feature, F. Krebs)

Association of Corporate Counsel President Announces Intention to Retire in 2011
 – June 28, 2010 (Press Release)

European GC – April 28, 2010

The Change in Law Firm Billing (YouTube Interview, F. Krebs)

The Lawyer (UK) – April 26, 2010

ACC Conference Flags Up Irreversible Change to GC-private Practice Relations (Quote, F. Krebs)

Project Counsel – April 23, 2010

Corporate Counsel Institute - Europe: An Interview with Frederick Krebs (YouTube Interview, F. Krebs)

MSN Money – February 23, 2010

Good Works (Feature; Quote, F. Krebs)

Canadian Lawyer – February 17, 2010

Canadian Firms Begin Accessing ACC Rating System (Feature; Quote, F. Krebs)

Legal Week (UK) – February 4, 2010

Putting Volume Into Value (Feature; Quote, F. Krebs)

The Lawyer (London) – January 11, 2010

ACC Rating Index Unnerves Firms (Feature; Quote, F. Krebs)


Wall Street Journal – November 23, 2009

Forever in Flat Fees? (Quote, F. Krebs)

The Record – November 1, 2009

Companies Push to Reduce Their Outside Legal Expenses (Feature; Quote, F. Krebs)

Canadian Lawyer InHouse – October 22, 2009

The Perfect Storm
 (Quotes, David Allgood and F. Krebs)The Perfect Storm Vignette 1Vignette 2Vignette 3 and Vignette 4
 (Featuring David Allgood and F. Krebs)

Association’s In-House Community Surpasses 25,000 in Membership
 – October 14, 2009 (Press Release)

Wall Street Journal (Section A Story - Business) – August 20, 2009

Ruling in Tax-Auditing Case Puts Corporations on Edge (Quotes, Thomas Sabatino and F. Krebs)


Association's In-house Counsel Community Continues to Grow During Tough Economic Times
 – November 19, 2008 (Press Release)